Checklist to be considered while choosing cctv camera

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checklist for cctv camera

This factor is one of the most important factor for installing cctv camera , the purpose of buying cctv camera. Where to locate it and also finding the best place to fix your camera. Box Camera is large in size and it can be identified by the intruder easily, so the treat is broken here because of the large size visibility. At this point, we have to install Dome Cameras. The Spherical shape is smaller in size and it cannot be easily visible. They cover wider range of place and easy to re-install as well. Since cctv camera installation in chennai will be easy and secure for your place.

Lens Types and Coverage Distance of the Footage:

The Critical Factor here is, we have to find out what type of lenses can be installed with the cctv camera and this lens type determine the footage distance. We all know theft in chennai is increasing day by day.

Lens Size and the area’s which are gonna covered by the Lens:

If you are considered about the perfect coverage, your top priority is about the lens and its size. You need large lens when you cover larger area. Apart from the lens size the network quality also get equal priority. We have Different variety of cameras to fullfill your purpose, but we don’t want our client to spend more money when the need of service is minimum. To Cover Larger area you have buy larger lens. So to get a perfect camera you should draw the blueprint of the floor, with this help you can decide the lens size and quality.

PTZ Kind of cameras will satisfy your purpose, no matter how tough the area is. PTZ Camera meant to cover larger areas. These cameras are fitted with larger lens. It can be  zoomed to cover wider areas. We do have equally competitive product for this category, Canon Cameras and its wide angle view in 112 degrees. Just with this camera you can monitor your are easily. These kind of cameras are more popular and their cost is way better than any other categories. It Gives you Superior Image with Quality. Network play an important role, for larger area you need WAN Network and for Small area You should consider choosing LAN Network.

Where to Install it either indoor or Outdoor.

You have decide whether you want to install the camera in indoor or outdoor. If it is outdoor we need not worry about the Lighting but if it is in Indoor lighting is more important. If you have bad lighting, it will result in low quality images or videos. Then the purpose of buying CCTV Camera is useless. One more point to consider is durability, to withstand bad whether you have to buy durable and tough cameras.

If you want to install the cameras in harst environment like industial area, we strongly recommend you to select Robust Camera’s. These cameras function better in all environment they don’t bother whether it is cold or hot.

Lighting Conditions – Talk with your CCtv Dealer before confirming it:

We all know light is the reflection of visuals, better ligting will lead to better and quality images and videos. Before Buying the cameras you should run a quality test with the help of your CCTV Dealer. We can see different lighting problem in one area, so prior checking will help you to analyse the sunlights exposure in day and night. Be sure about lighting before installing it.

Audio Feature in CCTV Camera Footage:

Audio is always your choice, because on most cases people would cut down this feature. But Audio Featured CCTV Cameras gives you advantage for commnication with intruder. Police station, detective offices, business places and more. These professionals but it with a full package because they need it more. They want to record the interaction among the intruders. This feature may cost little higher but gives you high value services.

Wireless Network Systems (WNS):

As a CCTV Dealer, we always encourage our clients to install Wireless network. It is always good to step in future. Scalability is an bigger issue here. Wireless CCTV Camera Network are better than traditional one, it helps you when scale your cctv networks. We strongly recommend you to setup IP cameras. because there is no need for wiring.

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