How to Install your CCTV Camera

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cctv camera installation

CCTV Camera are gaining more popularity than ever because of increase in crime rate in our chennai city. The main reason for this popularity is because of its affordability. Now, homeowners and other small people are feeling comforbale knowing that they can secure their home, businesses and personal properties.

STEP 1: Analyse the need for buying CCTV Camera – some question to you

Do you want to monitor coming and going of people ?

Do you want to recognise faces of crowds ?

Do you need an Indoor or Outdoor CCTV Camera ?

How many CCtv camera you need from your CCTV Dealer

Step 2 : You need to select the type of your CCTV Camera 

Wired – Standard Wired CCTV Camera is the traditional one which can be seen in many places even now. These cameras will have INFRARED cut filter for night vision to make the picture clear in back and white. These kind of cctv camera have BNC or DIN Terminations.

Wireleass – Wireless Cameras are technology upgradation. The Existing Wired CCTV Cameras are effectively turning into Wireless cameras because it is cost effective, no need of additional wire when you expand your footage location.

Internet protocol CCTV Camera Or IP

These kind of cameras are the final one. These cameras connect to your computer router. IP Cameras allows you to access the CCTV Camera from Remote location over the Internet. It can be directed to your computer or to a Network Video Recorder.

Step 3: Quality and Type of the Imaging Chip in the Camera:

CCTV Security Cameras capture images using CMOS or CCD Chips. Low Cost CCTV Cameras Uses CMOS Technology which produce poor quality video and have poor light sensitivity. Some Cameras have higher price, they can produce decent quality and it uses CCD Technology. The Size of CCD Chip is Normaly 1/4, 1/3 or 1/2. Our main focus should be like higher the size, higher the quality of the image. On the other hand Higher Density 1/4 and 1/3 CCD Chips produce good image.

Step 4 : Select Black and White or Color : When you use CCTV Camera in an environment with low lighting condition, we recommend you to buy a black and white CCTV Camera systems. High resolution color cameras now use an IR Cut-Filter for Built-in night vision.

Step 5:  Understanding Light Level: Lighting Level is one of the most important specifications. Light Level are always measured in LUX. The lower number with less light it will produce a clear image.

Step 6:  Resolution Calculations: This is simple theory, higher the resolution and higher the clarity. Camera entry level starts with 330 lines and 400 lines will produce high resolution.

Step 7: Selecting the monitor which will match CCTV Camera System.

Step 8 : DVR : CCTV Camera System with DVR which can record on hard drives is one of the best option.

Fatal Mistakes when Customers buy CCTV Camera From a CCTV Dealer or Distrubutor

Mistake 1 – Paying  Premium Price for a normal Budget CCTV Camera

These mistakes happen when you buy CCTV Camera in large numbers, but in most of the cases you don’t ground about the pricing part, your cctv dealer may compare his price with other competitor. But having a better ground check is important.

Mistake 2 – Keeping More Trust on your Local Dealer or a Big CCTV Dealer 

The Truth is as per Security System India (SSI)  Police Statment is almost 80 % of CCTV Camera don’t fit the purpose and most of CCTV Camera don’t come under the regulation, though the cameras are fitted by CCTV Professionals. So keeping more trust on CCTV Dealer is not good always do a ground check before buying CCTV Camera from a CCTV Dealer.

Mistakes 3 – Selecting Wrong Lens:

If you are using wrong lens or low quality lens, you will end up by capturing low quality footages and under this police cannot identify 80 % of the footages

Mistakes 4 – Choosing Wrong DVR

During police integration or prosecution footage resolution play a vital role. Police cannot go forth when you use low resolution DVR.

Mistakes 5 – Installing Illegal CCTV Camera System – Check with your CCTV Dealer

Compare to other countries, the rules in india are lineant, if you are using illegal system in european countries you will end up in find around 50000 pounds. Since India is evolving on this domain, our legal formalities lineant. Always keep in mind, nothing is good when you are going illegal.

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