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Interior design is all about implementing concepts and ideas. If you want to balance a perfect design then architects should use the 7 element concept. We all know everything is all about science. The way how the neurons trigger your brain cells are very important here. 

As an architect myself i have seen million dollar companies use this concept for companies resemblance and creativity.

Here are the list of 7 element concepts

  • Space
  • Line
  • Form
  • Light
  • Texture
  • Color and 
  • Pattern


Space is nothing but installing the decorative item as well as the emptiness of the room. Space can be classified into two types: positive space and negative space. 

Positive Space: Positive space is nothing but all the installed items such as dining table, furniture, sofa, tv unit, modular kitchen and so on. 

Negative Space: These are the negative and empty spaces, which do not have decorative and useful items. Such as furniture, dining table, sofa etc.

Architects and interior designers should manage the spaces equally. Too much positive space and negative space will spoil the complete interiors. 


Lines are nothing but the boundaries which can be in any shapes like straight, curved. Lines can be classified as

  • Vertical lines
  • Horizontal lines
  • Dynamic lines (Diagonal, Curved and zigzag)

Lines guide the eyes of the visitor and the homeowners. Usually furniture and tables are used for horizontal lines which helps to give stability and toughness for the room. 

Vertical lines will create the illusion by increasing the heights. Dynamic lines are totally alterable. It can be either diagonals, zigzags and curves. 


Forms are nothing but the shapes, the main reason for using shapes is to create harmony. Which might look like an easy process but in reality the most difficult process in interior design projects is balancing forms. 

Even a single mistake will be a disaster. Interior designing is all about creating illusion to our eyes. Forms are always related to lines. So only a line can form a shape. 

There are two type of shapes

  • Geometric
  • Natural

Geometric is nothing but a shape made by humans, which may look artificial. In the case of Natural shape the designs and structures resemble mother nature. 


Only a professional interior designer or architect knows the importance of light, because a proper lighting judges the positivity and negativity of the room. There are two types of light.

  • Natural Lights
  • Artificial lights

Natural lights are nothing but the light source directly from the sun and artificial lights are made by humans. 

Artificial lights are further classified into 5 types

  • General
  • Ambient
  • Mood
  • Task
  • Accent

General lighting : It is the basic concept which is installed based on the theme. Ambient lighting can give light for the entire space and mood lighting is installed in the bedroom. Study room lights are called task lighting. 


Colors are the first priority for the homeowner as well as architects. Because based on the color scheme the entire interior designing process is created. Colors are majorly classified as 

Colors are majorly classified into 7 types. Here I will discuss the most important type.

Monochromatic Color: Mono colors are nothing but a single color theme. This is a commonly used interior design color. 70 to 80% of homeowners use monochromatic schemes. 

Complementary colors are nothing but using two color schemes, usually they use opposite colors. 


Patterns in interior design is not a new concept, people have been using this for more than 200 years. Patterns bring energy and positivity inside your home.

Patterns can be used as false ceiling and wall decoration. Humans unconsciously like dimensions and pointers. We will not use it consciously. Patterns give tough and strengthen room decoration. 

Some of the popular interior design patterns are 

  • Block pattern
  • Damask pattern
  • Gingham pattern
  • Herringbone and houndstooth patterns.


Designing your interiors is all about creative illusion. The seven element concept will help the architect and interior designer to implement these concepts in a proper way. 

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