Benefits of Becoming Airhostess

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benefits of becoming airhostess

Air Hostess/Flight Attendants are part of the flight crew who deal with passengers’ comfortability and their safety. Women are highly showcasing in this field but some men have shown interest in the recent past.

What are the benefits of becoming an Air Hostess?

  • Air Hostess is considered to be one of the glamorous jobs in the world. Their work doesn’t involve desk, cubicle and 9 to 5 work schedule. With enough experience, they will be able to do international flights where they can travel around the world all the time.
  • The pay is good compared to other desk jobs. The entry domestic flights might not that good. But with international flights, the pay of senior flight attendants will increase tremendously. 
  • The experience of travelling to different parts of the world and getting paid to do so is an important perk of the job.
  • They can stay and enjoy expensive hotels with free food in between flights, contribution to the airline you are working for.
  • Communicating with different people from different regions including celebrities, athletes, VIPs, business tycoons will enormously increase your general knowledge and your people skills unlike any other job.
  • After a long flight to an international location, they will be given time before their next flight. Air Hostess can use it for rest and then they can explore the city, try exotic cuisines and can be exposed to different cultures which is a very good benefit and can’t be experienced in any office jobs.
  • Air Hostess can get air credits and discounts depending on their years of experience with the particular airline which you can use for your own personal travelling.
  • They can get good medical insurances because of their exposure to different climates in a limited amount of time.

How do I become an Air Hostess?

There are several qualities and qualifications required to become an Air Hostess. We will go one by one of all the qualities needed.

Personalities needed:

  • The most important personality is politeness. The passengers vary from persistence to arrogance to annoying. But the air hostess needs to be patient with everyone and have a pleasant smile to go with it.
  • Communication skills is another important aspect of being air hostess. They need to have a fluent conversation with the passengers. They need to be fluent in English, Hindi and few other foreign languages too.
  • Physical strength is needed as they will be helping the passengers to keep their handheld luggage in the overhead storage compartment.
  • Eye and motoring co-ordination are very much needed. Air hostess needs to bring food, drinks to the passengers in the middle of the flight, so they need good co-ordination, shouldn’t be clumsy and need to be elegant in everything they do.
  • Patience is another important personality that is needed. They need to be patient in explaining the safety procedure to the passengers, clarifying any doubts raised by them and need to be able to calm down an anxious passenger in order to make their travel pleasant. 
  • Capability of working long hours. The most crucial fact in working for international flights are long hours and time difference which will cause jet lag. But they need to accommodate themselves for these conditions and shouldn’t show their irritability to the passengers.
  • The responsibility of the safe passage belongs to pilot but the responsibility of passengers’ mental wellness during the travel belongs to the Air Hostess. They need to make sure that the passengers are feeling safe, least anxious, well fed and comfortable at all times.
  • Air Hostess needs to be well trained in first-aid care and CPR. They should be able to use CPR to revive the patient’s heart in case of heart ache before the flight is landed in the nearest airport.
  • Air Hostess needs to be a team player. They need to co-ordinate with the pilot and co-pilot in case of any emergencies and turbulences.
  • They need to have a good presence of mind. In case of emergency scenarios, they shouldn’t panic. They need to explain the safety procedure to the passengers, calm them down and make them wear seatbelts, oxygen masks if needed.
  • They need to be independent. Since Air Hostess are often travelling around the world, they need to navigate to locations by themselves, enjoy their own company, need to prepare themselves that they might be away from their families and friends for a very long time.
  • They need to have a cheerful attitude. Air Hostess usually don’t get enough space during flights and needs to share the confined space with their colleagues. So, enough rest is non-existent. This will make them exhausted and cranky. But still, they need to be polite and calm while handling the passengers.

Physical and Medical Qualifications:

  • The age of the candidate should be between 17 to 26 of years.
  • Minimum height required is 5.2” or 157cm (for female) and 170cm (for male).
  • Weight should be appropriate to the height.
  • Skin should be clear of acne and needs to be of clear and fair complexion.
  • Candidates needs to be strong as they would be subjected to heavy lifting of luggage and should be free of anemia.
  • Candidates should have normal eyesight of 6/9.
  • Candidates shouldn’t have any major diseases like heart issues, asthma, etc., 
  • Candidates shouldn’t have any history of mental illness like Bipolar disorder, anxiety, etc.,
  • Depending on the airlines, there is a clause that the candidate should be unmarried too.
  • Requires Indian government passport.
  • Candidates should be of perfect health as they will be subjected to the recycled air in the pressurized cabins and irregular sleep in a confined space.
  • Candidates shouldn’t have a drinking and drug problem as they should be free of alcohol 12 hours before the scheduled flight and they are not accepted to drink during the flight too.
  • Visible tattoos are not recommended and it could even be the cause for the rejection.
  • Candidates are required to show high level of grooming and personal hygiene with appropriate use of cosmetics.

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