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Podcast is a spoken word which comes with the digital audio files and later downloaded by the audience to gain knowledge. Officially the podcast was launched in 2004 and there are around a million podcasters who record 54 million podcasts. 

Podcasts are very aggressive and it can reach the target audience very fast. If your content is great it may go viral as well. 

After the technology advancement podcasting became very easy and cheap. With a small investment on equipment you can start a podcast episode. 

The Market size podcast exceeds to $ 11 billion in 2020 and is likely to reach $60 billion in 2027.  In the USA alone there are around 150 million podcast users. The target audience is very vast in this sector. Even Billionaires like Elon Musk Uses podcasts. Reaching the particular audience is very easy with podcast episodes. 

What do you Offer to Podcast Listeners ?

Ultimately its knowledge, right. Yes regular podcast listeners almost list 80% of the audio. That shows how people are interested in listening to them.

Here are some useful tips to remember while creating podcasts.

Information increases subscribers:

You must be an subject matter expert to hold the listeners. And make sure you keep the title very attractive so that they will get triggered to listen to your podcast. If you want to outreach other podcast audio, you must put tremendous effort into creating it as informative.

Create something which is not available in the market. I listen to a lot of podcasts where more of the podcast will be about space, asteroid mining and rocket science as well. Add essential keywords in the podcast to reach the audience very fast.

A Unique Podcast will outreach regular one:

Yes being unique is very important, a decade back podcast on digital marketing, seo, blogging went to peak because no one was using it. But in the past two years, the podcast audio has become common for all the above concepts.

It’s not a big deal if you want to work on those old concepts, but how much differentiation you are willing to give for your users is very important. 

Make it Simple and easy to understand:

Even in content writing we tend to write sentences in a very liberal way, so users will comfortably read those without any trouble. The same way you must focus on podcasts as well. This place is not to prove that I’m a genius, you must transfer concepts to your user in a simple way even if the concept is very complex. 

Make it understandable and relatable. 

Create your podcasts short and sweat:

The average podcast time is around 43 minutes. If your podcast is very lengthy one try to divide it into two parts. Never give lengthy podcasts. 

From recent research the users listening time is around 18 to 22 minutes. If it goes beyond that it’s really hard for us to catch up with the users. 

Here are some of the software you can use for podcast episodes, we will discuss very deep about these software in a different blog. For a short moment we are just giving you the synopsis.

Why is software important for Podcast Recording?

Streaming a podcast will work fine if you have the right and high tech equipment. But if you don’t have one. You must use a software to overcome some recording issues. 

Uses of podcast software

  • Extract background noise.
  • Software makes sure that the voice doesn’t fluctuate.
  • Mixing music is an add-on feature for great presentation.
  • Audio will have great clarity.

Let’s go through about the software and its purpose.

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