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The history of Photo editing goes back in the year 1860, and the edited photo of President Abraham Lincoln. The technique had some cut and paste work. After the invention of Computers the photo editing took on different dimensions. 

In 1980’s photo editing software diverted their new path with personal computers. The first digital photo editing software was introduced by Adobe Systems. And now there are hundreds of photo editing software with tough competition.

Here I would like to give you the list of best photo editing software for designers and photographers. The following list has few free software & premium as well. And few will help beginners as well.

Adobe Photoshop:

The most used and innovative photo editing software is adobe photoshop. It was introduced in 1987, and became market leader immediately. They hold that position till now. Photoshop is the only tool which is used from beginners to experts. 

The software can hold even bigger size images. The supported formats are JPEG, PNG & GIF. 

Pricing Plan: 

Individual – From Rs 676/- P/M to Rs 3,585/- P/M (All)

Business – Single App Rs 2,300/- P/M to Rs 5,412/- (All)

Students – All Apps Rs 1,353/-

School & Universities – Single App Rs 1,014/-PM & Rs 2,367 P/M All Apps

Corel Paintshop Pro 

In countries like India, corel paintshop pro have kept their base very deeply. Because most of the Photo studios nearby you use corel draw. This tool is considered as a basic or beginner tool, the cutting edge technology will push your creativity to do a powerful photo editing. 

There are some of the new features like smartclone which enables you to do cloning faster than any other editing software. 

Features of CoralPaint Pro:

Professional Photo Editing 

  • Cropping the photograph with powerful Grid, Diagonal, Golden Ratio and Golden spiral composition.
  • An intelligent selection tool comes with adjust or retouch with extreme accuracy.
  • A full featured scripting engine with a scripting guide which helps to speed up the editing process.
  • 360 degree photo rotation.
  • HDR photos editing made easy with this software.

Pricing Plan : Paintshop Pro starts from $ 63.99 one time purchase.


The next generation photo editing online and offline tool, it is even easy to download it as an app and work with your smart phones. Canva is pretty fast than other tools because it holds more than 8000 templates (Free Member) for our brochure, flyers, social media as well.

If you opt for a premium subscription you get more than 60,000 templates and 60 million stock photos.

It is easy to create social media creativity with canva, it has templates which can guide you with sizes. No need of heavy design for a small social media post or ads. Just use canva and save 100’s of heavy hard work. 

Pricing Plan: 

Canva comes with three plans

  • Free Membership
  • Pro Membership $ 9.95 / PM
  • Enterprise Plan $ 30.00/ PM

Capture One:

It is considered as one of the most powerful Photo Editing Software and they are newbie as well. This tool is not meant for everyone, only advanced users with high technical knowledge can opt for.

Here are some of the new features which is available now

  • HealBrush can remove unwanted items faster than any software.
  • Creating a clone layer with highest accuracy.
  • Preview your edits before and after mode to cross check your editing skills.
  • Import your lightroom catalog without any damage to the photographs.
  • Choose the plan based on your camera. Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fujifilm etc.,

Pricing Plan for Capture one

  • All Camera matching –  Rs 1170/- PM
  • Fujifilm – Rs 584/- PM
  • Sony – Rs 584/- PM
  • Nikon – Rs 695/- PM

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