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The history of hosting service starts from 1995, before that the usage of internet is very low and the penetration is less too. After the creation of Graphic Browsers from Apple and Microsoft. Business owners started creating websites for their business. Even then only few people used to have webpages, not everyone owns it. 

After 1995, hundreds and thousands of websites launched in the World Wide Web day by day. The Internet Penetration and growth percentage is tremendously touched 2500% year on year. 

But the problem is, to launch a website you need an in house server. And the cost of an In Built server is huge and maintaining it is a big headache. This is the beginning of the hosting industry. Some of the historical companies are Geocities, Angelfire & Tripod. They are the pioneer in the hosting industry and to attract new customers, these companies are providing free hosting for their customers. 

And Now there are hundreds of Million dollar & Limited hosting companies available in the market. 

Let see the best Hosting Provider in the market based on the Sales, Performance, Reviews & Rating and Customer Support.


The company was founded in 2003, 17 years ago and it is considered as one of the top 20 web hosting service providers in the world. The company hosts around 2 million Domains in their servers. They have an in house 50,000 sq ft building for servers and hold around 750 employees in utah. 

Bluehost provides you 24/7 customer service and ranking as one of the best hosting companies. The company has three best features. The team is committed to wordpress for more than 10 years and they have deployed some core development in the wordpress engineering team as well. They provide exclusive service management for wordpress customers. 

They are the biggest contributors for open source platforms and they are a part of big Endurance Family who are the bigger player in the hosting market. 


  • Shared Hosting Price Starts from Rs 199/- per month to Rs 859/- per month
  • VPS Hosting Price Starts from Rs 1159/- per month to Rs 3659/- per month
  • Dedicated Servers Starts from Rs 4859/- per month to Rs 7359/- per month
  • Exclusive WordPress Starts from Rs 199/- per month to Rs 299/- per month


Godaddy is an American multinational publicly traded company founded in 1997. As of now they have more than 18.5 million customer base and 7000 employees world wide. The ultimate mission of Godaddy is to help small businesses around the world build a successful online presence without spending hundreds and thousands of dollars. 

Godaddy offers your Domain Registration services, Website builder, Email setup, Hosting services as well. The most valued hosting company in the world, has got extraordinary customer support and rating which is higher than the industry standard. 

Features of Godaddy:

  • Servers are built for fast and performance.
  • They provide free site builders to design a website.
  • E-commerce sites are made easy now you can run shopping sites without any hassle. 
  • 24/7 Customer Support 

Pricing Plan of Godaddy:

  • Web Hosting Starts from Rs 199/- per month.
  • WordPress Hosting starts from Rs 99/- per month.
  • Business Hosting starts from Rs 1149/- per month.
  • Reseller Hosting starts from Rs 1999/- per month.
  • VPS hosting starts from Rs 439/- per month.
  • Dedicated Servers start from Rs 8839/- per month.

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