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Running a normal lead campaign or traffic campaign is easy, but running an e-commerce marketing campaign is not as easy as you think. It’s a little bit complicated but it is easily achievable too. Ecommerce market capitalization will reach $4.3 Trillion Dollar in 2021. And it will be rigorously climbing the ladder very fast. And customer perception changed as well. Earlier out of 100, 4 people used to buy in ecommerce but now we have 4 buyers out of 10 people. And the buying numbers will become high as well. 

While running a digital marketing campaign, we might think that bringing traffic alone will bring sales to the site. It’s totally wrong, finding the right people and making them buy the product need tremendous efforts.

We must create hectic marketing strategies to achieve it. And Cost Per Conversion must be lower than industry standards so the company can make higher profits as well. 

And the most precious gold we must capture is SEO, campaigning alone will not make money. Take for example Amazon receives almost 80% of traffic from SEO searches. 

Yes it’s really not easy to compete with Amazon, but we can choose our niche and gain free traffic as well. 

A complete E-Commerce Marketing Strategies comes with Organic Traffic as well as in organic traffic too. 

So What is Organic Traffic – In simple term organic traffic is a website visit without paying for any advertisement campaign. 

Where you will receive organic traffic

  • Search Engine Results, when we rank in google, bing and yahoo. We will gain free traffic.
  • Through social media platforms, we do a lot of posts on facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram, and others. When that post is liked and shared or even went viral. We will receive free traffic.

 What is Inorganic Traffic: The traffic which we receive through marketing campaigns, for each and every website visit will cost you money.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Pay Per Click which includes Display marketing.
  • Social Media Marketing campaign.
  • Youtube Video Campaign
  • Email Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing

If you are planning to start an ECommerce Business, in the initial stage it will be really useful for you to gain some organic traffic. But in the long run, you must receive traffic from Search engine results. Or else it’s really hard to survive in the e-commerce business.

Here will see about these Digital Marketing in a indepth way

Search Engine Marketing:

Google search engine is the market leader with a market of 91% and it receives almost 70% of total searches all over the world. Google Receives more than billion searches a day. Without any doubt bringing your website to the first page of google will completely increase traffic to your website. But bringing it to the first page is not as easy as you think.

Google rank website based on 200 Ranking Signals, out of that the 3 major ranking signals who prefers are

  • Content
  • Backlink
  • Rankbrain

Writing regular content and gaining backlinks is very crucial. At the same time you must have a better page speed performance, User Experience and low bounce rate as well.

Elaborate product page content will outreach high competitive pages. We must work on proper internal link structure and on page seo optimization with heading hierarchy will work great.

Social Media Marketing:

Apart from search engine optimization you will be paying money for each site visit. Brining site visits is easier than you think but purchase conversion will have many barriers. 

Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin will have different artificial algorithms. If you want to achieve bigger success in a campaign we must basically understand the mechanism of the artificial algorithm. 

Apart from all the social media platforms facebook always stands out of the crowd. Facebook marketing is very cheap compared to other modes. The average conversion percentage of facebook marketing lies between 4 to 15 % depending upon the industrial sector.

Facebook marketing comes with three layer targeting

  • Demographic
  • Behaviour
  • Interest

Working on these three layers will bring lots of leads and our second stage is saving these audiences and setting up lookalike audiences. Which will reduce the cost per lead upto 25 to 50%.

Most of the advanced marketing companies use data science and artificial intelligence to understand market research and predict the future campaigns.

Pay Per Click (PPC):

It’s a common terminology used but 90% of people use Google platform to use pay per click campaign. It’s nothing but search engine marketing (Google Ads) and at the same time it will concentrate on display network marketing as well. 

Google adwords has different types of search engine campaigns. Some of them are

  • Sales (E-Commerce)
  • Leads Generation
  • Website Traffic
  • Application Installation
  • Video ads etc.

The main concepts you must consider are 

  • Landing Page Performance
  • Keywords
  • Bidding
  • Headings
  • Ad Relevance
  • Audience Targeting.

Landing Page: LPs are totally different from normal web pages. Landing pages will have high performance, with extraordinary content, lucrative images and Call to action. A Proper landing page will generate 3X more leads than a normal web design page.

Keywords: Google offers you keywords planner, doing extensive research on keywords will outreach your competitor and apart from that using new keywords and reduce lots of cost per leads.

Bidding: We can use different types of bidding strategies in adwords like Maximize conversions, Enhanced Bidding Strategies, Manual Bidding. Based on our budget we can work on the Bidding strategies.

Headings: The Headlines is 30% responsible for click through rate. Using psychology in adwords will trigger the customers to click the websites. And you must use the complete options of headlines. Using Ad extensions like Call to action, Site Links, Trigger keywords will increase CTR too.

Audience Targeting:

This is an advanced option and it provides layer targeting like facebook. Though it is not great as a facebook database. It  works fine as well. With audience targeting you can target audience like Age, Gender, Demographic, Interest, People net worth etc.,

Amazon alone spends billion dollars in google adwords each year. It might sound crazy but the reality they make 5 to 10 times more than their adwords budget.

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