Ways you can do Digital Marketing for your Small Business

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Starting an online business comes from extraordinary passion towards it. At the same time you need to put tremendous effort to achieve it. You need some mentors as well. Because we know the nuances, nook and corner of the process. So we don’t want you to struggle the same way how we did. 

That’s the reason we are giving all these notes and techniques. Make use of it and achieve your goals and gain success.

We have already given some information about online business models in other blogs, but this content is totally different from that. 

If you ask anyone about online money making business models. People tell you three concepts.

  • Coaching & Consulting
  • Ecommerce & SAAS
  • Affiliate Marketing & Online Ads.
  • Starting a blog

I want to give some more information and I would like to give things which will give you more knowledge about online money making business models.


Though Podcasting is here for more than 20 years, it is considered as one of the fastest growing business models. The growth percentage is increasing 2x year on year. There are more than 5 million podcasters alone in usa.

You can see from multi billion elon musk to a normal youtube. Everyone is podcasting. It’s your time to focus on. Making money is simple. Once you attract lots of podcast listeners you can get paid advertisements from business owners & marketers. 

I know people who make millions through podcast marketing. We have already written about a blog about podcast softwares. You can even read it. 

Podcasting is a two step process.

  • Subscribing to a podcast software
  • Podcast Hosting.

So choose the best podcast software and make sure that software is user friendly for you as well. And Podcast hosting is nothing but saving your audio files, so people will completely search and grab it. Some of the popular podcast networks are Itune, Stitcher, TuneIn, Spotify.

Apart from these softwares and podcast hosting. Please make sure you choose a better and branded Hardware equipment.

Graphic Design:

It’s not like any other online concepts, but needs some extra skills to work on this. You can design a Logos, Banners, Slides, Flyers, Posters etc. Most of the cases these projects will be used in marketing campaigns or used in Social Media Posts.

If you are a newbie, don’t worry there are a lot of platforms where it can be taught to you. You can login to coursera, udemy or any other teaching platforms and gain the knowledge. 

Initially gaining opportunity is a little bit tough. But it will go well when you do it on the right platform. After learning these graphic designs you can contact local business owners and get design contracts.

If you feel difficulty in contacting local owners, there are other options like Freelancer and elance. These platforms will be really helpful and you can login and bid for the contracts.

Web Designing:

Do you want to be a coder to design a website? Absolutely not, there are around 3.9 to 4 Billion websites available on the internet. And Out of that 70% of websites are designed in wordpress, joomla, etc.,

Just take me as an example, i’m not a programmer or a coder but i used to design a website. After wordpress cms, everything changed completely. You can design and publish a website in a few steps. 

There are million themes available in wordpress and to boost those themes plugins are available as well. Apart from that the most important point you must consider in wordpress is page builder.  

It works great for an Initial start but you must learn some basics of CSS, Javascript and html if you want to work on bigger web design. 

The web design industry is highly competitive and makes sure you have proper hosting services for your business. There are many hosting services available in the market. We prefer you to use Hostinger, Hostgator, Godaddy. 

Try a hosting service which provides you more bandwidth. 

There are different kinds of web design, 5 Page website, Parallax, Basic E commerce Websites, Forums, Restaurant. WordPress has plugins for each and every concept.

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