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passive income ideas


Passive income is a new industry which is evolving in recent years. So what is passive income, an income which comes with low efforts i,e from Partnership, rental property, and enterprises.

There are dozens of concepts to generate passive income. Some of the concepts are Blogging, Websites, Affiliate Marketing and so on….

By default i make passive income for my living, i never work hard either smart. I just work deep in any concept I choose.

Here are some of the most successful Passive Income Money Making Ideas.

  • Online Course
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Investing on Shares, Commodity & Forex.

Online Course:

Online coaching is already a billion dollar business concept in India and it is likely to reach 200 billion dollar in the next 5 years.

Two decades back there was no marketplace for common tutors to indulge in online courses. But in the past two to three years the concept is evolving tremendously and people are getting lots of benefits from that. So how you will get that benefit. Just Start a niche online coaching website or register your course ideas in udemy, unacademy and more.

Online teaching can bring you passive income only when you are an expert in that particular field. Because you must attract more students or learners on your own. 

Only your will and hard will bring those people in. Once you find the track, it is easy for you to find that next concept easily. Just take for an example it took 37 years for Apple to achieve a trillion dollar company. But It just took Apple a 1 year to reach a 2 trillion dollar company.

The First Stage of the concept is difficult but the second & third phase is very easy.

So here are some of the online course ideas, I would like to share with you.

  • Graphic Designing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Software Related Courses
  • Music & Singing.
  • Nutrition & Fitness Classes.

If you are not interested in starting your course plan with marketplaces like udemy and others. Then choose to write your own blog, which is very easy at the same time you need not to worry about safety & security. Because you need not to depend on others.

While writing your blog you must mainly focus on attracting more than subscribers. Because those people will opt for the course in the First Phase. 

You can get more subscribers after blogging more content. Content plays a more important role here than anything.

Here are some of the other equipment you need to run these courses online. Online Video Share Software, Quality Microphone and a perfect place to shoot the shots.

Just focus on the quality, money comes to you automatically. Make sure you attract more loyalty subscribers. And give them scarcity of learning. Make sure you price them normally. Never over priced them. Always make sure your price tag should stay between $99 to $199.

These are some points you must remember while starting the online course career.

Affiliate Marketing:

This is again a fantastic concept to make passive income, do you know there are more than million bloggers who make money through affiliate marketing. At the same time, e-commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart encourage these companies to the core.

So how you make money through affiliate marketing, it’s simple. But the ultimate asset you should own is a blog with traffic. Without visitors no one is going to click the affiliate link which you are posting. 

So What is an affiliate link? It’s a link from your website to the product of any portal you are seeking for sale, it may be Amazon, Flipkart or even a small Medical Equipment website.

These affiliate links are created by these websites which do have tracking systems. So you need not to worry about whether the link will work or not. It does work well.


Say you have a musical instrument blog and you are getting 1000 visitors as a traffic now we can constantly imagine that at least 20% of people will click that link. So there are high chances that you will get a sale from those websites right.

So you will be making at least a reasonable commission from those links. Affiliate marketing is always a great money making machine. Just do the right thing everything will come to your way.

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