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More than 5 million People across the world have a blogging platform. Without any doubt those people make millions as a passive income. Have you ever wondered which blogging platform these bloggers use. So this blog will give a complete guide on the blogging platforms.

Lets dig deeper…


The most popular CMS platform in the world is WordPress. WordPress alone accounts for 35% of websites in the world. This platform is very versatile and easy to use. From a small scale industry to big bloggers like Neil patel, brain dean use wordpress.

Here are some of the key features why you must use wordpress

Flexible: Very flexible cms platform, you can use any type of website without any barrier. If you want to start a 5 page consulting website you can do it on wordpress. Or if you want to create a Million dollar e commerce site no issue, wordpress got all the features for that.

Media & Pages: WordPress is a revolutionary concept where they have created everything important features in an easy way. For example, adding a page and media is a complex work before wordpress. It got popular because even a person without zero technical knowledge can create the wordpress website.

Themes: Across the world wordpress got more than a million themes on different platforms. Some of the other platforms are Themeforest, Colorlib etcThe themes come with various designs and variety. If you want a simple website you have design. If you desire for bigger sites like restaurants, e-commerce and online courses you have themes for that too. 

Plugins: You need not to be an coder to create a wordpress website. You have every option for plugins like Cache, Java & JSS minifications, Image Compression, Social Media Integration, Woo Commerce & payment integration, Page Speed Plugin, Search Engine Optimization Plugin, Cyber Attack and so on.

There are few disadvantages as well since its an open source platform the wordpress site gets a high number of cyber attacks. And even to get rid of that we have got cyber attack plugins. With a whole confidence you can start your blogging with this platform. Even our website is designed in WordPress as well.


It is an american private limited company with an average employee of 750. Started a decade ago with a mission of providing high tech Software as a service for website builders. Square space provides you with some of the most advanced tools which are available in the market and they provide hosting services at a very least cost.

As per web design masters it is considered that squarespace provides one of the best website builders for their customers. 

Square space accounted for the creation of over 3 million websites across the planet. You need to have a subscription plan to use their service. 

Here are some of key features of squarespace

Customer Support: You got one of finest customer support in the web design industry. For example you may not be a coder. Or you will have zero knowledge in the web design process. Never worry. Squarespace will guide you step by step in their process. Their Artificial intelligence live chat bot is capable of solving multiple queries at a single time. 

Design: Every feature available in squarespace is advanced than industry standards. If you are looking for themes. They got 3 to 4 years more advanced features than their competitors. So it doesn’t matter how many themes they have, just go deep into their advanced features. That’s very important. 

Website Builder: The most advanced builder in the market. You will be shocked by the elements in the builder. Even a coder will lose with this feature. The theme builder will give best performance as well. 

Here are some of the disadvantages of squarespace, they do not provide an auto save option while designing an website. In case of any crash we will find the difficulties but you can undo the concepts. Though the templates have advanced features, the availability numbers are less compared to wordpress.

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