Best Work from home Jobs in 2020, you must consider for present & Future

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Evolution happens in every corner of the world, it happens in jobs too. Work from home jobs terminology coined in the past two decades. After the boom of the internet. There are hundreds and thousands of people who are currently working in home based jobs.

The job is not similar to the 9-5 concept, you can work any time you want. But guaranteeing these kinds of jobs is a illusion. 

But in recent decades, work from home jobs has completely changed to different dimensions. Since every process is happening online, most of the business owners are trying to implement this concept as efficiently as possible.

You cannot do every job as work from home projects. There are some jobs which need physical presence and few jobs do not need physical presence. 

In this blog we will be focusing on those jobs which can be done invisibly.


Anyone can become a freelancer, there are few freelancing jobs which can be done just by sitting at your home. There are approximately 100 million people who work as freelancers out of which 30 million people around the world work at home without going out to the office or customers visit. Job opportunities come from various industries, and most of the job is through online.

Content Writers:

Content writers have been in this industry for more than 50 years, after the evolution of internet content writers got huge opportunities to earn from home. There are dozens of websites which link content writers and business owners or customers.

As a content writer, you need not to meet any customers. Some of the content writers marketplace are Fiverr, Pepper content, payperco, etc There are now specific timing, get the job orders from customers, just complete it and get paid visually.

Become a Blogger:

There are more than 50 million bloggers writing blogs every day. And there are billions and billions of blog posts happening. But we have hundreds of people who start writing blog posts and most of the people fail at the end. There is no consistency in their work.

We personally suggest you to choose Niche concepts rather than concentrating on common subjects.

Bloggers make money from Affiliate Marketing, Paid Advertisements, Google adsense. Write content consistently and earn money from home.


Don’t get mesmerized with this word, dropshipping is similar to Affiliate Marketing. Dropshipping needs no money, no physical appearance etc.,

Process of Dropshipping:

  • Open a Dropshipping store and try to bring visitors to your website.
  • Once you receive your order from a dropshipping store, you can immediately forward those leads to the business owner. As a Dropshipper you will get commision as per the norms. There are more than 27%, who are using this strategy to make more money.

Freelancing Digital Marketer:

Every Business owner knows the future of Advertising & Marketing is going towards the digital medium. According to forbes survey 75% of all Small and Medium sized enterprises are interested to take their brand to digital marketing.

Recently Facebook established the fact sheet, totally they have 1 million active advertisers in their database. And they projected, volume of registration will increase in upcoming years.

Since Digital Marketers will be completely working through online. They can handle their customers’ queries and send reports through online as well. If you want to become a digital marketing expert, please reach out to us. We have a number of Digital Marketing Experts who can teach you from scratch.

Online Classes, Coaching:

In the past few years, the surge for online classes have increased tremendously. If you have any skill set or experience you can transfer the same knowledge to others just by sitting at home. And you get paid for that service.

As an Expert you can take advantage of these Online coaching platforms like Udemy, Unacademy.

There are millions of people who are teaching people from home, some of the well known category are Personal Trainer, Online Educational Tutor, Executive Training, Financial Success program.

There is no investment needed and you can make millions just by teaching people.

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