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If you want to create a complete audience experience audio editing is very important and it plays a major role at the same time audio is more crucial than video. A Video is nothing but half visual and half about sound. 

Audio editing starts with the Pre production stage, where you can prepare amazing natural sounds.

Here is the list of audio editing software for your needs. 

Adobe Audition:

Adobe software is always considered as the best audition editing software. Users can do many options like editing and recording the audio. And it is a premium software as well.

Digital Audio Workstation: Adobe Audition mechanism is highly powerful, intuitive and flexible. It comes with a subscription where users can opt for monthly services. 

Like Photoshop and Premiere Pro, adobe auditions need immense knowledge. The features are highly professional and users need some training to work on the audio editing projects.

Features of Adobe Audition:

  • Some of the advanced features Adobe audition offers there users are Multitrack recording.
  • Clip & Track Effects helps you to mix variety of effects on the audio clips.
  • Noise Reduction and Spectral Analysis are some add on features which no other audio editing software offers to their clients.

Pricing of Adobe Audition:

  • Adobe Audition CC costs you $29.99 dollars as a monthly plan and the annual plan will cost you $239.88.
  • If you want to choose it as a combined package you must spend $49 for every month. And $599.88 for annual plan.

Avid Pro Tools:

Have some advanced features and mostly used by Post Production Professionals. Avid Pro Tools launched in the year 1989 for Microsoft and Apple. Avid pro works very lucrative and it can handle large sessions and help you to organize tracks and complete the work quickly. 

The User interface is designed in a way that you will not fall into any distraction and you can completely focus on the productivity. Some of the advanced features are Drag & Drop Elements is available in Avid Pro.

Comparable top artists, musicians and audio professionals use Avid Pro for advanced features. The software speed is immensely great, and saves tons of times to record and produce the audio. 

The Editing precision of sound works are great. At the same time the audio mixes is really fast and easy. So create a professional audio with Avid Pro Tools.


  • UVI is a virtual instrument which will create a sound from real world and artificial world sound which no one would have heard of.
  • Avid Pro offers you 15 oscillators and 80 effects, synthesis modulation and scripting.
  • It is completely versatile and provides you with a high quality collection of 1000 patches.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you are professional or not, but Avid Pro provides you 2.6 GB of Sample audios for your edit work. You can use those addons or you can practice it for your work as well. 


Avid Pro comes with two pricing models. Essential tools will cost around $29.99 and for students & teachers it’s around $9.99. The second model, Ultimate tool kit. Which cost you around $79.99 and for students & teachers it’s around $29.99.

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