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Before entering into SEO tools, you must know what is SEO? 

Search Engine Optimization – SEO is nothing but bringing your website to the top result of google SERP result. Google considers more than 200 ranking metrics to rank your website. These metrics are very crucial for your ranking. 

Let’s see the importance of SEO and why you need this:

  • Free Traffic which means free leads for your business.
  • 67% of Clicks in google search results come from top 5 organic results. So bringing your website to top 5 is very important.
  • SEO brings trust to the customer, which increases the conversion rate higher than adwords and social media marketing.
  • You can build brand credibility and awareness through SEO.

Free traffic doesn’t come easily, you must put tons and tons of hard work to achieve that. We have listed a few SEO tools which will help you to rank your websites and beat your competitors.


Most advanced SEO tools which provide the highest data accuracy than any other tool. Ahrefs founded in 2010 at Singapore and company Ahrefsbot crawler has more than 12 trillion backlinks in their database. Which no company has on the planet after google. A product speaks for itself, the same way ahrefs do not have any marketing or sales team to sell the product.

Features of Ahrefs:

  • Discover 40 million pages every day
  • Updates 300 million pages metrics
  • Total content index size is 3.6 billion pages.
  • Total Indexed Keywords are 10.2 Billion.
  • Captured 13.5 trillion internal backlinks & 2.1 trillion external backlinks.

Products offered by Ahrefs are as follows:

  • Site explorer: It gives you the accurate data of organic search traffic and backlink profile.
  • Keyword Explorer: Explore millions of keywords across all search engines.
  • Site Audit: Check your On Page SEO Score helps to find the errors and fix it.
  • Rank Tracker: Track your ranking keywords in search engines and analyse the overall performance of the keywords.
  • Content Explorer: Get more content ideas and need not to worry about content ideas.

Pricing plan of Ahrefs are as follows:

  • Lite – $ 99/- per month
  • Standard – $ 179/- per month
  • Advanced – $ 399/- per month
  • Agency – $ 999/- per month


It is the leading SEO tools available in the market, every tool has its own usp. Semrush is the one stop shop for adwords, social media, seo as well. Semrush was founded in the year 2008 with the mission of creating tools which help marketers to understand the digital process with the help of data.

Semrush has more than 6 million users and set up their office in 7 places with a work force around 800 employees. 

Some of the Main features of Semrush are as follows:

  • Database has around 20 billion keywords.
  • 142 Geo Databases
  • 800 million domains across the planet.
  • Their bots crawled around 30.1 Trillion Backlinks.
  • Per day URL Crawl is around 17.3 Billion Pages
  • Totally they have captured 1.4 Billion Referring Domains.
  • Complete Marketing reports of 310 Million Ads from 5.2 million marketers.
  • Fortune 500 companies use their tool as well.

Pricing features of Semrush:

  • Pro Plan – $ 99/- per month
  • Guru – $ 199/- per month
  • Business – $399/- per month.

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