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A Survey is a kind of structured questionnaire which used to find the pulse of the targeting audience. It may be a Business survey, or product survey or advertisement survey. The survey can be about anything, but the person who creates the questionnaire will use tons of tons of psychological facts inside.  Which most of them do not understand.

Two to three decades back the survey was usually taken through offline to understand the audience pulse. But after the evolution of the Internet, from billion dollar companies to small medium enterprises uses online surveys to reduce cost and reach more audience.

Here are some of the most important reasons to conduct online surveys.

  • The main reason to take a survey is to collect data, but in traditional methods the time and money is very high. Online surveys are very cheap but at the same time they can reach more audiences than traditional one.
  • Main advantage of online surveys is you will have data with you, so at times you can run the survey again and get the numbers right.
  • Fast Process, online surveys work very fast then traditional one. As a matter of fact the result from online surveys can be analyzed at any time. Based on the data you can take decisions and improve the quality of your work.
  • The Online Surveys datas are more accurate. Because of cheap cost, the reach of the audience is vast. So whenever we reach high audience the probability of accuracy is alway high. 

We took a tremendous effort to create this list, here you will see some of the major online survey software used to take surveys.

Survey Monkey:

It is one of the most popular online survey tools, which we must use at least once. Survey monkey is a Nasdaq listed company and founded in the year 1999 for the past twenty years. This online survey software touched the heights and attained as a market leader.

Their ultimate mission is to create positive change in the world with their technology. Their products are designed to listen to the words of the people and create great benefits as well. 

Here are the products of survey money:

  • Audience Panel: They have their own audience panel where you can choose the type of audience you want. And the quality of data is extraordinarily great and appreciated by millions of customers. So creating a survey and getting the result is very fast with the survey monkey.
  • NPS (Net Promoter Score) is designed in a way that it can collect, understand and act as per customer feedback. 
  • Engage: It is exclusively designed to understand the voice of our employee. Survey monkeys use advanced psychological techniques to understand your employee voice.
  • Usabilla: This product will help you to understand the data of your product or service feedback.

Pricing Plan:

Survey Monkey come with two category plan Business & Personal 

  • Business Plan

   – Team Advantage: Rs 1550/ per month

   – Team Premiere: Rs 3880/ per month

   – Enterprises Plan

  • Personal Plan

   – Standard Monthly Rs 899/-

   – Advantage Annual Rs 1999/-

   – Premier Plan Rs 4999/-


Sogosurvey is a cloud based SAAS platform which helps users to create surveys, forms, polls & quizzes etc., The sogosurvey was founded in the year 2013 and operates its office in three major countries United States, UAE and India. 

More than 70,000 customers worldwide trust their most sensitive and powerful data and process. 

SOGOSurvey has its own data and does collect third party data to run better survey campaigns for their customers. 

Here are some of the breakthrough products of sogosurvey

Customer Experience:

  • Their customer experience software delivers Insights, Action and Growth as well. Their Process goes like this Plan – Listen – Integrate – Act & Analyze.

Employee Experience Survey:

  • They have some exclusive and comprehensive employee experience management. The software is very flexible, Secure and Extraordinarily powerful as well.
  • It got End-to-End Employee Experience Management (Recruiting – Onboarding – Development – Retention and exit Interview)

Online Quiz Tools: 

  • The survey tools are most versatile and Secure which is used to measure Knowledge Comprehension. And it got a very easy process Create – Customize – Share – Result & Scoring. 

Online Survey Tool:

  • It got a very simple and comprehensive online survey tool. They project themselves as industry most secure survey tool
  • This is how the process goes (Survey Design – Survey Distribution – Reporting – Data Management)

Pricing Plan:

They have a low price plan 

  • Plus Plan: $25/Pm and $299 / Pa
  • Pro Plan: $66/Pm and $788 / Pa
  • Premium: $99/Pm and $1188 / Pa

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