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Technology can demolish an industry and can create an industry. When the personal computers came into this world, everyone thought that they would lose jobs. So they protested it, even in India there were a bunch of people protesting for the entry. Because they felt that millions will lose jobs. 

But what happened was few lost their jobs but on the other side PCs created millions of job opportunities. That’s the power of technology, and it repeats itself. 

There are hundreds of business owners asking their employees to do Work from Home, because of Covid 19 Pandemic. But we never know when they will fire us from the organization. 

But there are several Business ideas which are available online. It’s time for you to start your online business. You can work as a freelancer, Part Time Employee or even a Hour Base Staff. Everything is possible in online business. 

Here is the list of online businesses which can be done by sitting at home. 

Start your own niche blog:

Before becoming a blogger, I want you to really know the numbers. Don’t think that i’m injecting negativity. Starting a blog 15 to 20 years back is easier than today. Earlier the competition was very low and so earning money through blogs made simple and easy.

But the current situation is totally different from those olden days. There are more than a billion blogs live on the internet and 10 million bloggers write billions of pages everyday.

Writing a blog without earning money doesn’t work. So we encourage you to start with niche concepts. You may ask why a niche concept ! it’s really simple. Rather than competing with big bloggers, you must concentrate on niche concepts to get organic traffic through serp ranking. 

You can make millions with these niche blogs by affiliate marketing, adsense, and sponsored content etc.,

Enroll with us to get the live webinar and learn more about blogging.

Becoming Freelancer Expert:

If you are an expert in a particular domain, then you can opt to become a freelancer and earn money. The total freelancing market share in 2016 was $ 1.5 billion. And it is increasing at a 30% CAGR rate annually. 

In India alone there are more than 1.2 Crore freelancers who make money through online and other modes. It is gradually increasing year on year. 

Being a freelancer, you can get businesses in online portals like Freelance, Elance, Naukri and more. Freelancers are earning millions by just working from home. There are dozens of ideas, some are Content Writing, Photoshop editing, Video Editing, Audio Editing and so on….

If you want to choose freelancer as a business opportunity then our team will guide you step by step to achieve that. Get in touch with us.

Online Course Teaching & Consultant:

Are you an Professional or teacher, then this is the right choice for you. Oldage school teaching is reducing day by day. As of 2019 the market size of online learning crossed more than 171 billion and expected to grow at 10.85% CAGR year on year. 

And by 2025, e learning market size would cross more than $ 320 billion. If you have extraordinary skills in teaching then this is the right time to enter the market.

There are a number of Marketplaces where you can apply for, some of the marketplace are Udemy, Byjus, Vedantu and so on.

If you want to start it on your own, just create a website and run a marketing campaign. Generate conversions. There are dozens of live video streaming software available in the market, Google Meet, Zoom and Jio Meet will help you to achieve it.

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