How to Start A Blog in in this competitive time period

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Are you planning to start a Blog like a real time expert, just say thanks to god. You’re in the right place. There are more than 600 Million blogs and 1.5 billion websites live on the internet.

At present there are more than 50 million bloggers writing billions of posts regularly. Blogging is highly competitive. Before writing your first blog post, pls do a research. Try to choose some niche concept which no one had done before. 

Competing in a high traffic domain will not yield you results. Here I would like to give you 10 stages of blogging ideas step by step.

Step 1 : Select your Niche after deep research

Say for example niche concepts are everywhere. Some of the niche concepts are Pets, Cooking, Herbal & Siddha etc. First you must know why every blogger is suggesting to start a niche writing. There are two reasons.

  1. High Competition.
  2. Writing Content is not an easy job, but it will be easy when you are passionate about what you love. Say for example cooking, fitness, Makeup etc., You can write hundreds of blog posts just like that.

Just see the percentage of audience for Niche market

  • LifeStyle 15%
  • Mommy 12%
  • Food 17%
  • Personal Finance 24%
  • Travel 11%
  • Marketing 21%

Now you can choose niche concepts based on your Skill, Passion & Experience.

Step 2: Content Goals & Techniques

In my experience I have seen hundreds of people who set goals and finally nothing works out. If you are a management student you would have heard about the word SMART Goals.

S  –  Specific

M –  Measurable

A –  Achievable

R –  Relevant

T –  Time Bound

You cannot set a goal that I will be creating the next Wikipedia or Facebook. Even if you set a goal it’s really hard to achieve that. Your Goal must be SMART and you must achieve it in time. 

Let me share with you some secrets, how I developed this blog and getting more than million page views per month.

  • You must post Plagiarism free content (Content is King).
  • You must give high priority to the Content Quality, writing some duped or reference content will not give you any yield and users hate content with low quality. Posting 10 Low Quality Content is better than 1 High Quality Content.
  • Ultimate research conducted by SEMRUSH suggests that a content with 1200 words outranked the content which has 800 words. So concentrate on In Depth Research content.

Step 3 – Register a Domain & Buy a hosting plan

There are Dozens of domain Registry & Hosting websites available on the internet. Some of them are Bluehost, Godaddy, Hostgator & Hostinger. These are some of the most reputed businesses in this segment.

Choose a domain name which can be easily remembered by people. If possible add a keyword into your domain. 

Some of the Examples are

Now you have to choose the Hosting Plan. If you are technically good, I personally suggest you choose a hosting plan which gives extraordinary customer support. Because the support team will help you in case you get stuck.

Step 4  – WordPress Installation, Themes & Plugins.

More than half of the world is using the WordPress CMS platform. And Almost 80 to 90% of bloggers use WordPress because of its usability and functionality. I would suggest you do the same.

The Hosting Cpanel Usually gives you 1 Click Installation. You need not to learn any coding or programming. Just a 1 click installation will work well. 

After Installing WordPress, you must choose the preferred theme and plugin. After completing these two processes, you must change some settings for a complete blogging website. 

  •  Upload logo & Favicon
  •  Change the Permalink setting to Post name
  •  Add Category to create a balance traffic flow
  •  Change the Blog Post Title & Meta Description with Yoast plugin.

These are some of the basics of the wordpress, if you want a complete step by step feel free to contact us.

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