Why You Need Landing Page for Better Conversion

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Landing pages are created for the purpose to capture leads. Landing pages (Standalone Page) which do not have any relationship with other pages inside the websites. For example you run a Campaign in Search Engine & Social Media, whenever a user clicks the link he will be landed to these kind of landing pages. 

The Main focus of landing pages is to capture lead with the help of call to action and other features. 

Simple Flow for Landing Pages is 

Top of the Funnel —–> Landing Page —–> Conversion.

Why you need a landing pages

  • Fast Performance
  • To reduce unwanted deviation.
  • Finding out the Exact Lead capture for a particular product.
  • Track Every Possible input traffic (Social Media, Search Engine and other marketing traffic as well)

Types of Landing Pages:

  • Lead Generation Page: To capture leads & email ids etc.,
  • Click Through Landing Page:  Common in Saas Companies, E Commerce and Software as well.

Here we will see the companies which offer you great Landing pages with technology.


Unbounce is one of the most powerful landing page builders in the market with over 15,000 brands using them to get more conversions. It has a drag and drop builder and you need not to do a single line of code. Everything can be made with just a single click.

Unbounce uses Conversion Intelligence, which is nothing but using artificial intelligence with data. They proudly say that they have converted more than half a billion customers across the globe.

Features of Unbounce Landing Pages:

  • Building Landing pages without coder (Huge cost saving)
  • Drag and Drop builder which is easy and fastest way to create a LP
  • Get inspired or reference 100’s of templates from the library.
  • Publish your landing page with WP Landing Page Plugin.
  • If you want to add custom css, html & javascript unbounce give the option call Add custom Functionality.

Pricing Plan of Unbounce:

  • Launch: Upto 500 conversions, 20,000 Visitors & 1 Domain for / $ 80/- PM.
  • Optimize: Upto 1k Conversions, 30K Visitors, & 3 Domain for / $ 120/- PM.
  • Accelerate: Upto 2K Conversions, 40k Visitors, & 7 Domains for / $ 200/- PM.
  • Scale : Upto 3k Conversions, 50k Visitors & 15 Domains / $ 300/- PM


Their ultimate mission is to create exclusive landing pages for every single ad. And with the help of Instapage business owners are rapidly generating 400% of more leads than before. Instapage is one of the world’s advanced landing page platforms and they have 6 products with hundreds of features added in every single product. 

Features of Instapage as follows:

  • Create relevant, responsive and user experience landing pages without a coder or programmer.
  • Designing Personalized landing pages based on the ads.
  • Better optimization of landing pages with heat map, A/B Testing, multivariate testing and more.
  • Innovative Admap helps us to connect your page with ads to track the datas.
  • One of the fast performing landing pages can be done with instapage.
  • Maximize your conversion faster with a dedicated customer success manager.

Pricing Plan of Instapage:

  • Business Plan – $ 149/- per month.
  • Enterprise Plan – $ custom quote.

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