Startups use SAAS to reduce operational cost and why?

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Helpdesk software as a service is a streamline conversation which helps to keep tracks of all your customers’ conversations from various channels. Like lead capture, comments, review, feed back, customer support etc.,

There are hundreds of companies who offer saas help desk software, here i would like to share some of the major help desk software. 

So a business runs with a three pillar concept, 

  • Customers
  • Process
  • Product

Helpdesk software will work with all the three categories. According to a survey, 90% of customers expect their companies to solve the issues within 10 minutes. 

Because of this low time response, the majority of companies use Help Desk Saas software to sort out this problem.

So Why Help desk Saas is very important?

  • It’s a single point communication, where nothing can be hidden every positive and negative will be visible from low level to top level management.
  • It gives you extensive knowledge about your customers, and employees.
  • It is very cheap when compared to old format software.
  • Highly accessible, you can access it in any part of the world even while travelling.

Here is the list of Help Desk Saas software for your use.


Hubspot is the american Nasdaq listed company founded in the year 2006, they are considered one of the leading online software providers. And they have their own market share for each segment.

The same way they provide Help Desk Saas service to millions of their customers with hi technology integration. 

Their ultimate mission is to build the foundation of exceptional customer support software, where they can use it in an easy way.

Hubspot Features:

  • Hubspot saas can log, organize, and keep track of all customer datas in one place.
  • Ticketing automating, which will help to increase the customer satisfaction 40%
  • Based on the issues, you can prioritize the request.

Product Features:

  • Conversations
  • Tickets
  • Feedback
  • Automation & Routing
  • Knowledge Base
  • Team Email
  • Live Chat
  • Conversational Bots
  • Reporting
  • Goals

Their Ultimate motto is to turn their customers into promoters.

Pricing Plan:

  • Majority of basic plans from hubspot are always free, so the majority of the small scale business can get benefits out of it.
  • Starter Plan: 2 Users | Monthly subscription $50/ pm and $40/ pm *12 annual plan.
  • Professional Plan: 5 users | Monthly Subscription $500 / pm and $ 400 / pm *12 annual plan
  • Enterprise Plan: 10 users | Monthly Subscription $ 1200 / pm and $ 14400 for annual plan.


Freshdesk is an indian startup firm headquartered in chennai, founded in the year 2010 with a simple problem solving software. They have a customer base of more than 40,000 and are growing astonishingly fast.

The most affordable Help desk software available in the market. And they provide extraordinary features as well. 

Here are the list products offered by Freshdesk with advanced technology.

Freshdesk Customer Support:

  • It provides you with self service solutions for customer service. It is easy for you to streamline, automate and collaborate with your customers to sort out issues as soon as possible.

Freshservice ITSM Software:

  • A Management solution service tool exclusive for modern enterprises. It got major digital capabilities and delivers great employee experience. You can use this software without code as well.


  • A Cloud based PBX system, it’s just a plug and play use where no hardware, no maintenance and downloads. This system is highly contextual and modern.


  • Artificial intelligence powered live chat software, which is suitable for website, mobile app and social messengers as well. This live chat software is highly flexible and automates it with bots and ai. Some of the major messengers are Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger and Apple Business Chat.

Pricing Plan:

Sprout – Basic Free Plan with 100 agents

Blossom – Rs 1399 for monthly subscription and Rs 999 *12 annual subscription

Garden – Rs 2799 for monthly subscription and Rs 1999 * 12 annual subscription

Estate – Rs 4299 for monthly subscription and Rs 3299 * 12 annual subscription

Forest – Rs 7199 for monthly subscription and Rs 4999 * 12 annual subscription

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