Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started My Blog

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In today’s scenario blogging changed to a different dimension. Now It didn’t look the way it used to be 15 to 20 years back. There are more than 40 to 50 million bloggers in the world who write billions of pages a day.

Just think about the numbers, it’s astonishing right. So how as a blogger you will survive in this blogging world. If you think it’s complicated then close the tab and go to another site.

Don’t be negative, think positive. I survived, because I started this blog a year ago and now I’m making passive income. If i can do it, then why not you.

It’s about the mind set not about skills and knowledge. 

I choose a niche, the same you must choose your niche. You cannot win a high ranking website. Right. Take for example there are websites like shoutmeloud, neilpatel, backlinko & moz.

These websites started a decade ago, they chose a niche which is Digital Marketing, SEO and Technology. The above websites are the influencer’s for that category. 

Even if you work hard, competing with these people is not easy as you think. Because they are masters in their own domain. 

Did you notice the word master, yes absolutely right. If you want to win in this blogging competition you must become a master in your own niche. Never choose a multi category concept. Just focus on your niche to achieve sustainability.

Here are some simple things which create a set back.

Planning is a dream, writing is real: 

I used to share my blogging knowledge to hundreds of people, but only dozens do the work properly.  And finally only few will write with consistency. 

So instead of planning to start a blogging career, just book a domain & server combinely which will not cost you more than Rs 1500. Once you do that, it will be easy for you to take the step forward. Orelse you will be only dreaming about the plan of starting a blog.

Become a Master in your Niche:

Just take a quote from the legend “Bruce Lee”. He once said I’m not afraid of a person who knows 25,000 kicks, but I’m afraid of a person who practised one kick for 25000 times.

Yes it’s right, knowing more is not a big deal. After the internet revolution, every person got access to basic knowledge. But people aren’t interested in knowing basic knowledge, they need in depth knowledge.

If you want users to stay on your blog, you must write something which has not been written in any other blog. This kind of strategy will decrease the bounce rate at the same time will increase the subscribers to your blog.

Always remember, never write a blog which is similar to others, write a 10X blog which must create industry standards.

Never go away from your niche:

Writing a blog consistently is not a big deal, everyone writes content. While writing about your niche, people will find out whether the blog is taking diversion or not.

People who subscribe for your blog, would have subscribed because they liked something about your content right. So never ever spoil that by diversified content writing, which is away from your niche.

Work Technically: 

Across the world bloggers tell you that you must concentrate on writing tons and tons of content. Yes, its true bloggers must write more content. But what if the contents are not ranking in serp result. Thats annoying right? 

You would have given your hard work but nothing will yield you monetization.  You must focus on SEO. 

In the real world people tell you seo is hard, but SEO is easy if you focus with common sense. Never concentrate on high competition keywords, because your blogging masters will be ranking for those keywords. 

At the same time, it’s really hard to compete with those people with your new blog. So concentrate on low competition keyword or newly evolving keywords.

This simple strategy will boost your confident level and push you to compete for highly competitive keywords.

Here i will share the most important metrics you need to rank in google serp result.

  • Plagiarism Free & Informative Content.
  • White Hat Backlinks with High Domain Authority & Page Authority.
  • Make sure your website has its User experience & Performance i.e Rank Brain.

As a blogger organic traffic is very important, you can get thousands of traffic through social media, email marketing PPC. But organic traffic is always a special one which is inevitable if you want to earn a passive income as a blogger.

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